Everyday more and more former and current professional athletes like me are putting our names out in support of CBD. For me personally and professionally, CBD literally saved my life. If you haven’t read my story, I hope you do. What I can say, is that I am not alone in understanding the “miraculous” benefits of CBD and its potential to manage the debilitating pain that high level athletes experience. Nor am I alone in understanding and experiencing the dangers and addictiveness of using opioids. I thank God every day that CBD is now available for athletes, especially high quality brands like the ones NEWYOU offers.


Thanks to CBD proponents, this wonder plant compound is coming out of the shadows and into the mainstream for athletes. Our very own NEWYOU CBD Expert Tammie Thomas has worked extensively with NFL Retired Players’ Association in an effort to help them better understand the role CBD can play in helping them regain their health. Other current and former pro athletes have even founded organizations such as Atheletes for Care that promote CBD use, access and support further research in this area.


The massive and growing support behind CBD by pro athletes, especially with the research into its benefits in pain management, inflammation and sleep, recently led the World Anti-Doping Agency officially to remove CBD from its list of banned substances.


It’s no wonder, when you see the research coming out about CBD benefits and the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Just recently, German researchers have shown the brain’s Endocannabinoid System may also play a role in producing what’s called a “runner’s high” not endorphins as was previously thought. It solidifies the fact that the human body’s ECS is literally hardwired for CBD.


I read an article recently in Men’s Health about the growing use of CBD by athletes where former NFL player Ryan VandenBussche recounted his life before CBD, “as athletes, we were given opiates by our team doctors. Looking back after years gone by, I’m surprised I’m still alive.” I’ve walked down that same road. Today, I’m on a CBD crusade so that every athlete, professional or not, will have access to and understand the benefits of CBD.


Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how lucky we are to live in a time where athletes can fully utilize CBD for all that offers…I only wish I had CBD products like DROPS or CB2 when I was in my boxing heyday defeating powerhouses like Evandander Holyfield. But, I am blessed to have it today and to use what I know about CBD to spread the word to athletes far and wide, in the ring or on the field, and off.


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